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Welcome to the Boob Party

A photographic exploration of the BRCA genetic mutation, a shift in DNA that creates a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. 

Part : Adornment

When I first realized I'd had enough with constant monitoring and fear and needles, I wondered if maybe I could adorn the pain and discomfort. So everyday, I put jewels and tape and ribbons and cloth on the places they might one day cut me open in order to make me whole.

Part 2: Examination

As I started the process of the big, scary, double mastectomy, I thought, what if we switched roles? Artist becomes doctor, doctor becomes artist. I drew the lines for my incisions and I lent my camera to nurses and doctors. One day, at the MRI a doctor said, "this camera is too expensive for me to hold." The irony of him saying this after saving just guided my through the worlds most expensive lens. Funny, how narrowly we see ourselves.

Part 3: Reverberation

am full of nostalgia as the date of my surgery draws nearer. I am tingling of my mom and her mom who were treated under harsher circumstances. I am thinking of how I grew up with so much joy admits it all. I am thinking of what it means to live with my ancestors inside me, genetically and emotionally. I am thinking about what it means to be myself in a changed body. 

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